Founder and Principle Consultant:

Kanchan Wankhede

Human Resources expert brings 20 years experience to Great Workplace

A passionate Human resource and Organization development professional, Kanchan Wankhede is driven by strong ethical values, focusing on making businesses more efficient and effective with providing sustainable people strategies and solutions. She possesses both US and international-based HR experience and has learned to handle large groups of employees–some in the most critical situations. She has gained the trust and confidence of stakeholders through an innovative, simple people process, simple change management techniques, with  strong business acumen.

Kanchan has worked with Engineering , Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Non-profit organizations and across cultures, including the US, UK, China, Spain, Italy, and India. She has experience in providing innovative solutions even when the going gets tough for Business with service ,products or charity.

Highlights of expertise in the HR field:

    • Masters in Personnel Management and Organization Development

    • 20 years in shop floor, HR Operations and Corporate HR

    • Change Management and Diversity and Inclusion

    • Facilitator for Business strategy, Team building and conflict resolution

    • Certified in behavioral assessment tools and problem-solving tools